Omnidermal Biomedics S.r.l

Omnidermal Biomedics S.r.l

Galleria Polidoro, 7
43121 Parma (PR)

Contatto: Filippo Begarani
Ruolo: CEO
Telefono: +39 333 6354467

Anno di Fondazione: 2019
Impiegati: 3
Impiegati R&D: 1
Settori di attività: Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare

#Omnidermal, #WoundViewer, #Artificial Intelligence


Omnidermal Biomedics Srl is an Italian startup founded as a spin-off of the university Politecnico di Torino in January 2019.

Omnidermal is the fruit of the research of its three founders that put their skills, expertise and experience in the development of devices that support healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and care, paying particular attention to the collection and documentation of accurate and objective data.

As a matter of fact, our Mission is to use our knowledge in artificial intelligence and development of medical devices to reduce the distance between patients and healthcare professionals, making patient’s care more effective, more sustainable economically, better organized and the healing quicker, with maximum quality even at home.

WoundViewer is the first technology developed, able to automatically provide the operator with all clinical parameters essential to assess and monitor the pathological condition of skin ulcers, returning objective results for tissue segmentation, ulcer classification, andnprecise values of area, volume and depth of the wound.

The idea that led Omnidermal to the design and following realization of the Wound Viewer was generated following the identification of the multiple difficulties expressed by doctors and nurses working in the field of wound care. In this sense, WoundViewer is device developed ‘by doctors for doctors’, created to address their specific pains.

WoundViewer is the only device on the market capable of returning an objective, quantitative and standardized evaluation of a wound, ensuring a consecutive and comparative follow-up study of the evolution of cutaneous ulcer healing and promptly alert healthcare professionals in case of worsening conditions.