Advanced Accelerator Applications (Italy) S.r.l.

Advanced Accelerator Applications (Italy) S.r.l.

Via Dell’Industria – prima traversa
10010 Pozzilli (IS)

Contatto: Dario Vignani
Telefono: 0039 0125561211

Anno di Fondazione: 2003
Impiegati: 50
Settori di attività: Pharma / Biopharma, Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare

Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, Radio Metabolic Therapy, PET, SPECT, FDG, Investigational Medicinal Products. Production of radiopharmaceuticals in injectable solution for diagnosis and therapy; Research and experimental development in natural sciences field and engineering.


The idea at the origin of AAA was the exploitation of a worldwide patent allowing to efficiently produce radioactive elements for medical applications normally produced by nuclear reactors (such as Rhenium, Holmium or Lutetium), using a particle accelerator. The patent has been developed at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear research) by Physics Nobel Laureate Carlo Rubbia and his team (which included AAA founder Stefano Buono).

The innovation has been experimentally proven at CERN between 1995 and 1997. AAA has been founded in 2002 and is considered a CERN “Spin-off”. AAA has today 116 shareholders, a paid-up capital of 30 M€ and about 200 employees in 8 countries (France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Canada, USA). AAA first commercial product is Gluscan® (FluoroDeoxyGlucose or FDG), an injectable solution used for PET diagnostics (Positron EmissionTomography), registered in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Currently AAA is involved in 16 research projects with more than 80 partners (30% private and 70% public). AAA has a significant R&D activity in: The industrial production of PET tracers such as MPPF, FLT, F-Choline, FDDNP, Fallypride, F-MISO, NaF, FDOPA etc. AAA has GMP authorisations for producing and distributing Research PET tracers in the framework of clinical studies.

PET Molecular Imaging applied to drug discovery. Production of new radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for therapy. Development of new synthesis modules. Development of medical devices for Nuclear Medicine. AAA’s first industrial facility has been built in St.Genis (Ain, France), in a Technology Park close to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN, Geneva Switzerland) and has been operational since December 2003 to produce Gluscan® and develop new PET diagnostic tracers. The second production site was completed in July 2006 in Pozzilli (Molise-Italy).

The third site has been built in Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero Spa , this one is a science and technology park located in Canavese, near Turin in the north of Italy. AAA has also concluded the construction of third workshop in the Italian center-north (Meldola, FC) and got also the national pharmaceutical authorization from AIFA. As from 2012, AAA has a total of 12 production and/or research sites in various European countries. AAA has a unique know-how in building a radiopharmaceutical industrial facility based on a laboratory concept which is modular and scalable, it is adjustable to future market developments (new products) and provides a reliable pharmaceutical production using the best state of the art technology. All AAA production laboratories today are designed to combine production and R&D activities to support further product development which are part of AAA plans.

Products:Therapeutic and diagnostic products for nuclear molecular medicine, specific for oncology, neurology, cardiology and infectious and inflammatory diseases. Diagnostic products in the field of PET and SPECT