Our proposal

Our role is to create opportunities: we guide organizations at every stage of the innovation process, guide in making choices, and help build tailored pathways to achieve ambitious goals in the marketplace.

What we offer to bioPmed members


We identify business opportunities to enhance members’ competitiveness globally/internationally.

  • Networking and B2B
  • Dedicated support for trade shows and events
  • Internationalization and soft landing in new markets
  • Search for technology, business and development partners
  • Representation in associations and innovation networks


We highlight each member by promoting marketing and communication initiatives.

  • We highlight network organizations and their proposals, through the website and social channels
  • We promote our members at trade fairs, conferences and as part of our strategic projects
  • We offer front-line participation in events, thematic workshops and working tables organized by the Innovation Cluster and the Sistema Poli Piedmont


We support the development of innovative projects through the activation of customized support programs totransform an idea into a successful project.

  • We evaluate the project idea
  • We define the development plan
  • We help in identifying the most qualified partnership for project implementation, activate technology partnerships, facilitate networking and stakeholder engagement
  • We guide in the strategy of accessing funding
  • We offer initial support in the investigation, management and reporting of funded projects
  • We incorporate the best project proposals into the Innovation Cluster's strategic agenda
  • We give access to human resources with high technological specialization through agreements with higher technical institutes (ITS)


We share regional, national and international innovation opportunities; plan qualified and certified training sessions.

  • Free update and in-depth webinars
  • Training courses with member discounts
  • Workshops and working tables
  • Updating in technical and industry regulatory areas
  • Advance notice of industry announcements
  • Periodic newsletter with selected industry news

Competitiveness and growth

We support the development and growth of our members by providing services dedicated to the validation of strategic choices and the development of new business.

  • Customized consulting packages related to: intellectual property, regulatory approaches, business plans, positioning, and marketing strategies
  • Facilitated access to initiatives and services offered by Bioindustry Park