LAMP S.r.l.

Via Romano, 39
10010 Scarmagno (TO)

Role: CEO
Phone: +39 0125 739918

Number of employees: 26
Number of employees R&D: 3
Business sectors: Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare

moulding, thermoplastic, inserts, clean room, Heart Valves, Pacemakers, Stents, dental instruments, spinal cage system


Since 1975, the year in which it was founded, LAMP operates in the field of mechanical precision and thermoplastic molding. Currently the core business is the medical sector: it accounts for over 50% of the company’s annual turnover.

Starting from an idea of the customer LAMP follows the complete cycle of operations: Parts made of a wide variety of materials are produced in a dedicated environment through the co-molding of thermoplastic parts and functional units with special inserts. Subsequently, the parts subject to more delicate machining are completed in the assembly department (also in the clean room).

Thanks to its flexibility, adaptability and technical competence, LAMP guarantees its customers the realization of cutting-edge functional units for the biomedical sector, such as parts for mechanical heart valves, pacemakers, ICD, Pacing Lead, cleaning and co-molding of stents, Delivery Systems for Vascular Therapy, dental instruments and much more.

The company has developed and also produces a spinal cage system (PLIF) and a complete line
fixed and torque screwdrivers for various medical applications.