ACEL pharma s.r.l.

Via Manzoni 2 ang. Strada antica di None
10092 Beinasco (TO)

Contatto: Natascia Bruni
Ruolo: QP/QPPV & Development Manager

Anno di Fondazione: 1882
Impiegati: 34
Impiegati R&D: 3
Settori di attività: Pharma / Biopharma

animal health, pets, pets wellness, feed complements for pets, feed complements, dogs, cats.


Founded in 1882, Candioli Pharma pursues excellence in development and manufacturing of innovative products, thanks to the experience of its manufacturer Acel pharma.

Candioli focuses on nutritional products and pharmaceuticals for Companion Animals with three product lines: Pets, Ornithology and Athlete Horses. Candioli Pharma relies upon its own specific competences, resulting from decades of experience, in order to produce state-of-the-art products, which have made the company a guarantee of high professionalism.

Candioli mission is to bring innovative solutions to Vets and Owners, so that Pets’ Quality of Life can be more and more in line with the standards of our Society. 2018 saw the acquisition of Vetark, English company specialized in the production offeed for exotic animal. The new partnership will benefit greatly from shared industry knowledge, an enhanced product portfolio and extended international distribution.