ChemSafe S.r.l.

Via Ribes, 5
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

Contatto: Antonio Conto
Ruolo: Managing Director and European Registered Toxicologist
Telefono: 0039 0125538888

Anno di Fondazione: 2001
Impiegati: 24
Settori di attività: Pharma / Biopharma, Medical devices / Biotech Healthcare, Others

regulatory, medical, chemical, toxicology, clinical trials, dossier, devices, cosmetics, certification, REACH


Chemsafe has been founded in 2001 by Dr. Antonio Conto following his experience as a Regulatory Toxicologist in an Italian CRO since 1988

Chemsafe acts as a regulatory Affairs company and has developed an internal structure of four Business Units in order to cover a wide range of services both in the Medical Area (pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products and medical devices) and Chemical Area (industrial chemicals, chemical commodities, biocides, agrochemicals, fertilizers, detergents and so on).

The offered services started with the project planning up to the preparation of specific dossier including testing activity (toxicology, efficacy and clinical trials). Chemsafe can claim a huge experience in the over-mentioned sectors based on a staff composed by Biologists, Biotechnologists, Chemists, Industrial Chemists, Biomedical Engineers, Toxicologists and Risk assessors. The staff works with a problem solving attitute in a world wide perspective