Excellence Cluster for Regional Improvement

Project:  ECRI – Excellence Cluster for Regional Improvement
Duration: Project duration: 01/11/2016 – 31/12/2018
Coordinator: BIOIBAL

Project Partners

  • HBIO
  • LSK


Life Science is defined also as a key enabling sector, characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, a value chain that starts with the scientific research and ends with the final product commercialization, a very long (compared to other sectors, like ICT for example) time to market and – above all – a global market. At the same time, sectoral clusters need to be connected in a network of players at international level, in order to be able to increase know-how, knowledge, good practices and technologies innovation.

The four partners are all actors operating in the Life Science sector with a specific focus on Health, with similar role and mission in their respective territories:

The goal of the project is to improve the performance of the clusters and the services they provide to their associated companies through the training activities.

The work package leader will produce a Clusters Comparative Analysis Report with a comparison between the four partners and with suggestions on the training topics and strategic lines to be developed and implemented. In parallel, each cluster management team will conduct a study assessing the situation of the sector in their region, with SMEs as the key element. Both reports will highlight the strengths and weakness of the clusters and the health sector, taking also into account their different development path, and will identify and implement relevant topics in a training plan.

Training activities will be focused in promoting local competitiveness through better value chain development and cluster management excellence, mainly based on the current reference point of cluster management trainings in Europe, the Programme of Custer Excellence Management Training provided by the European Foundation for Cluster Management, or the experts selected under the conclusions drawn of the analysis reports.

To increase excellence standards it is necessary to complement experience accumulated in the past years with a sound theoretical back-ground through “formal” training. In such a way the goal will be not only to increase the level of awareness and know-how on cluster management, but also to increase the sustainability of cluster activities and the added value services offered to the companies.