Project: NETBIOCLUE: NETworking activity for BIOtechnology CLUster in Europe
Coordinator: Milan Chamber of Commerce

Project Partners:

  • Milan Chamber of Commerce, InnovHub (Italy);
  • School of Management, Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy);
  • Bioindustry Park (Italy);
  • Areta (Italy);
  • East Region Biotech Initiative, ERBI (Great Britain);
  • University of Dundee (Great Britain);
  • Essonne Chamber of Commerce (France);
  • Genoptics (France);
  • Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany);
  • Munich Gruender Regio (Germany);
  • Biotech Valley (Sweden);
  • East Jutland Innovation (Denmark);
  • South Moravian Innovation Centre (Czech Republic);
  • South Great Plain Regional Develpment Agency (Hungary).


NETBIOCLUE was the Commission’s initiative to foster networking, collaboration and knowledge transfer among all stakeholders involved in the innovation process in biotechnology for health in Europe.

Launched in January 2006 with the participation of 14 partners from the major European bioclusters and coordinated by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, NetBioCluE’s overall goal was to promote closer cooperation among the different actors in the major European clusters in order to respond to the specific needs of the biotech sector at its different stages of development, through transnational learning and increased global competitiveness. Cooperation among different actors was also promoted through the involvement of experts in the field.

In its 3 years of operation, the project has produced some important results:

  • Identification of a theoretical framework for the analysis of bioclusters, with the goal of determining their characteristics and identifying their possible evolutionary path;
  • identification of biocluster growth forces and tools, together with the best European experiences, in a comparison with the United States and the emerging economies of China and India;
  • Identification of business models and services that biotech companies may need;
  • collection and classification of more than 60 best practices for biocluster development, whose reproducibility at the local level was tested through interviews with stakeholders in the field;
  • development of a set of recommendations to be incorporated into policies aimed at promoting the development of clusters and the biotech industry in general in Europe.

The activities carried out within the project were then presented in a publication, edited by the coordinator and in collaboration with all partners, which collects all the activities and results of NetBioCluE.

download Do’s and don’ts for biotech cluster development: the results of NetBioCluE

The publication provides a tangible result of the activities carried out, as well as a basis for further implementation of activities, projects and policies identified and suggested within the project itself.